Changing the future of prisons

What we offer

We can offer a variety of solutions to manage modern technologies within the prison environment.

drone defence

Disable any drone within a protected space

mobile phone control

Stop the use of illicit mobile phones by creating a secure dome

mobile phone detection

Detect illicit mobile phones ON or OFF

secure tablets

Improve education and efficiency of prisoners, probationers and staff

Body Scanning

Manage the risk of contraband by body scanning

Which industry are you in?

We have a proven track record in transitioning organisations around the world to better security technology. If you work in the prisons or the probation industries, find out more about how we can help below.



Prison Technology Ltd is part of the L&G group of companies, providing a range of solutions for the Justice, Defence and Social Care sectors.

About us

Next generation prison solutions

With over 40 years experience in the industry, Prison Technology Ltd (PT) provides the latest technologically, mission critical devices, systems and products to Prisons and Jails around the world.

Prison Technology Ltd is part of the L&G International group of companies, providing a range of solutions for Justice, Defence and Social Welfare.

We work continuously with The Home Office, NOMS, The MoJ, The Met Police, regional and National Counter Terror teams and other Government agencies to transition them to better security technology.

We provide secure WiFi and tablets in prisons for prisoners and staff. We also provide Mobile Phone Control/Denial systems to HMP’s & prisons worldwide.

We provide technology that eliminates the biggest security threats to prisons whilst allowing the facilities to improve services, reduce costs and improve rehabilitation including Mobile phone control, Drone Defence and secure tablets for prisoners and staff.

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