November 28, 2016

Soter RS Body Scanner


Ensuring a safe environment for personnel, prisoners and visitors is an essential daily routine.  Managing the risk of contraband (be it drugs, weapons, mobile phones or other items) is a constant challenge.  To date, strip searching, with it's associated risks, has been used. Now there is another safer, more effective solution.

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-20-53-44Reveal everything within 10 seconds

Everything hidden inside the human body will be revealed.  The Soter RS is the ultimate alternative for intensive strip searches or costly visits to a hospital.  Ideal for checking prisoners during induction, after visits, etc.

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-20-53-44User friendly

The Soter RS is compact and extremely user-friendly: there is no need for extensive training.  The high quality scan image is achieved with a minimum amount of radiation and is not harmful.